Graphic Design for Interactive Application

Sept—Nov 2012


I School course


Lecturer, Instructor

After fielding

multiple requests to “teach me Illustrator”, I decided to set up a workshop-style class to give my peers in the grad program an overview of traditional graphic design methods and how they mapped to current user experience jargon.

The course ran for 10 weeks, during which we went over the history of design (the super short version), color, layout, grids, typography. Guest designers gave lectures and show their work. They embarked on their own individual projects and had weekly exercises and critiques.

Through the experience, I rediscovered the love for design I had almost started taking for granted and found out that I enjoyed helping people realize their ideas. I hope my peers went away with a better sense of the elements of good design as the whole experience made me a better designer. But in one regard, I was a bad instructor: I never did teach anybody how to use Illustrator.

The class site is still up and lecture pdfs are available to view here.

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