User Experience & Visual Designer, Illustrator, Cat-sitter

Working from

the intersection of digital technologies and design, I create stories by transforming data and research into user-friendly insights.

Details about my experiences may be found here.

Featured Project

Poems By Heart

Dec 2013




Elda Rotor, John Morgan


Penguin Group (USA)

I was so excited

when Elda and John asked if I wanted to work on updating to Poems By Heart app from the previous year. In the new iteration, we added new poets as well as new poems from poets already featured. With the new portraits came some challenges on how to continue with the existing look. New color variations had to be created that still fit within the existing color groupings and original border patterns created for the new poets. Some poems provided the additional challenge of being represented visually as icons, such as practically all of Yeats’s poems, and especially Rossetti’s poem in which the narrator laments the shortcomings of memory over time.

Working on this project again and being able to add to the existing repertoire was very rewarding and I was very pleased when the app as one of the best of 2013 by Apple.

Recent Projects

Dec 2013—Jan 2014


Redesign of business tutorial site for Safari Books Online

November 2013


Answering the problem of group gatherings.

May 2013


UX/UI, visual designs for a suite of tools for collecting, organizing and sharing family histories.

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