User Experience & Visual Designer, Illustrator, Cat-sitter

Working from

the intersection of digital technologies and design, I create stories by transforming data and research into user-friendly insights.

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Featured Project


May 2013


Masters Final Project


UX/UI, Visual design, front end development


Elliot Nahman, Ryan McAdam, Carinne Johnson, Curtis Hwang

Maps and other visuals

inspire detailed conversations and rich interactions. Each story is a living document that invites contributions and creates connections from our shared experiences.

The problem we tackled was this: How might we lower the barrier to creating rich personal stories for the individual who may to have access to the tools professional journalists and oral historians have? With this in mind, we set out to create a suite of tools for collecting, organizing and sharing oral histories.

The desktop browser application allows the user to organize her interviews into a story, as well as tag the audio she has recorded or editing tags to be more specific. The user may share the story when it is finished or invite friends and family to collaborate in its creation.

When the story is published, users and selected viewers may experience the creation through the audio player and explore the locations and photos in the narrative.

This project won the James R. Chen Award in Enhancing Information Systems in 2013.

Recent Projects

Dec 2013—Jan 2014


Redesign of business tutorial site for Safari Books Online

May 2013


UX/UI, visual designs for a suite of tools for collecting, organizing and sharing family histories.

May 2013

Mapestry iPhone Recorder

UX/UI for the iPhone app, which is part of a larger suite of tools for collecting, organizing and sharing family histories.

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