User experience, interaction, print design, illustration

A designer

working in the print and digital spheres, with experience ranging from creating book covers to shaping user experiences.

Details about my experiences may be found here.

Featured Project

“Art is the most intimate language of the senses.”

Print design


Caitlin Dover, Laura Kleger, Lisa Naftolin, Karole Vale, Ylinka Barotto


Guggenheim Museum

Designed a poster intending to communicate Moholy-Nagy’s continued relevance to design today. Follow the link to the full post and download the poster.

Recent Projects

Texas After Violence Redesign

Redesign for a non-profit organization dedicated to research on the effects of the death penalty.

Stage Design by Ming Cho Lee

Exhibition branding and design for the New York retrospective of the legendary stage designer, Ming Cho Lee.

Collection Online

Redesigning the Guggenheim site’s online collection.

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