User experience, interaction, print design, illustration

A designer

working in the print and digital spheres, with experience ranging from creating book covers to shaping user experiences.

Details about my experiences may be found here.

Featured Project

Contact High

Fall 2018


Cover, Interior design


Stephanie Huntwork, Marysarah Quinn, Jenni Zellner, Phil Leung


Clarkson Potter

This was a dream project full stop.

Sometimes you’re working on a project that seems like you’re just working away in the dark. This was not that. There were many ways to make this go sideways but for the love of the project by all those involved. There is never enough in the budget of any project but for this, getting approval to give this interior the gold metallic ink it deserved was pure design nerd joy and a sense of doing as right as I could by my musical idols. Tupac lives!

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